Invitations Made Easy with Paperless Post

Posted in Lifestyle
on 03/13/2017

Wedding season is fast-approaching, so I wanted to share a little bit about those getting hitched in my life! My long-time roomie (and friend) ties the knot this June, and I could not be more excited for her and her beau. They are two peas in a pod, and my (pretend) god-dog Wally gets a dad! He’s the handsome yellow lab making regular appearances on my snapchat stories.. follow along here!

As the bride’s sister began to plan the Bachelorette Party, I volunteered to handle the invitations, knowing I could trust Paperless Post. With so many moving parts involved in wedding planning, I appreciate any company that makes things less complicated and run smoothly. Paperless Post is that company. They even have a dedicated Wedding section for all bridal needs!

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New City, Same Shoes

Posted in FASHION
on 03/10/2017

Prepping for SXSW this week, and I feel like there is still so much to do! As some of you might have guessed from my recent Instagram stories, I recently took the plunge and went full coastal! I’ll be sharing the complete story of my new sleepy beach town on SIS soon, but for now, just know – boxes. are. everywhere.

In the midst of the chaos, I’m thankful for closet staples like my Golden Goose kicks & how they transition so well between outfits. It’s easy to throw them on with my favorite jeans, but I actually enjoyed styling them with this Mara Hoffman dress from her Spring ’17 line. As for my other shoes.. it will probably be a lot easier to find them once they are unpacked 🙂


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Bleach & Tone: A Hair Story

Posted in Beauty, Lifestyle
on 03/02/2017

First off, most stylists are going to strongly advise against going full platinum. It took me about a year to convince mine to take the plunge with me. I told her, “I get it.. you don’t want to fry my hair off. But if someones going to dye my hair white, it’s only going to be you.”

Trust thy colorist. I have a few cardinal rules of hair care, and this is numero uno. Becki Reeves of Wilson’s on Washington and I go way back. I’ve been commuting to Greenville, SC for her appointments for years. Besides her insane hair painting skills and ability to exchange Kardashian gossip with me, I trust her. She’s always honest with me. So it was full disclosure when she told me about how much upkeep and maintenance platinum locks require. If you’re in the market for the bleach & tone – find someone who will explain the process to you, the potential risks, and lay out a solid hair care plan together before you leave.

Our plan goes as follows:

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Posted in TRAVEL
on 01/24/2017

It’s taken me a minute to settle back in to a routine after the excitement of Christmas and New Year holiday seasons. Looking back, I realize I was lucky enough to laugh with friends, break bread with family, and jet set to a few new corners of the earth. Notably, Rook and I recently headed to Colorado for my first ever West Coast ski trip! He actually taught me to ski early on in our relationship, so it seemed only fitting we head to conquer bigger and badder mountains together! And by conquer, I mean he usually skis in front of me the whole time so I don’t accidentally veer off and hit a mogul. Or person.

I’ve rounded up my trip and packing list for any of you that might be hitting the slopes soon!

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